Uvation's exceptional people and rich culture are our greatest strength, unique advantage, and our most important asset. At Uvation we believe we've grown a culture that enables professionalism and work efficiency which offers a greater business value to our customers.

Uvation is able to deliver leading-edge solutions consistently to its clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. We believe in providing a flexible and dynamic work environment founded on openness and communication.

We welcome diversity, innovative ideas, and encourage every employee to be an active architect of a better organization. By maintaining a disciplined approach, we provide greater security and superior value for our customers. We believe that integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of long-term and fulfilling relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners.


In an IT organization, different people from different backgrounds encourage creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm. At Uvation, the unique cultural perspectives and global knowledge that is contributed by talented people from different backgrounds is the fundamental driving force for success. Diverse workforce helps in contributing new ideas and much higher energy levels. At Uvation, we give opportunities to talented people from different backgrounds and culture. That is why Uvation is a perfect blend of innovation, creative ideas, future insights and enthusiastic and expert people.


We believe that attracting, training and retaining employees that reflect the diversity, is essential factor in our success. With our diversity strategy, we are able to recruit talented people and create an environment in which they can best develop and contribute their skills within the company.


With innovative diverse teams, we are committed to provide our customers with exceptional business and technology insights. At Uvation, diverse teams with a broad array of skills, experience and qualifications increase the creativity for the company and strengthen our power to generate the best of services.


Our Training and Orientation process for new employees allows them to easily and successfully adapt to their new position at Uvation. At Uvation, we provide a comprehensive employee training and orientation program that quickly enables the employee to become a productive member of the work team.


Training programs are used to ensure that the new employee has the basic knowledge required to perform the job effectively. At Uvation we provide new employees various types of training such as technical training, inter personal training, diversity training and problem solving training. Uvation's training program aims to develop the personality of an employee by increasing his/her skills to perform well. Our training helps both the organization as well as the employees.

At Uvation, Training is an ongoing process and we provide training to our experienced teams as well as new comers according to the change in business environment. Uvation's Training is provided in different situations e.g. Introduction of new processes, change in technologies, change in employee's responsibility.


Orientation provides new employees with basic information about the employer. Orientation program at Uvation starts the moment an employee joins the organization. We help new hires better understand the company and its objectives by providing the required information. At Uvation, the HR department orients newcomers to broad organizational issues and benefits.

Our Orientation program improves the employee's knowledge of Uvation's objectives so they can perform their jobs more effectively. We help employees feel that they are part of the organization. The Orientation program also gives our senior management an opportunity to know more about new employees.


At Uvation , we offer an enjoyable and rewarding career with a generous compensation and benefits package. Our motive is to attract and engage talented professionals. We offer our employees fixed compensation, variable compensation, a long list of Benefits and the experience to work in a world class company. Uvation offers all of the employees market-competitive pay and incentives. We reward our employees with a flexible compensation structure and performance incentives.


At Uvation we offer a fair and competitive compensation policy. We provide compensation by maintaining a balance between fixed and variable elements. We have a strong emphasis on performance incentive. We are strongly committed to providing a performance driven culture. While calculating compensation, we take a flexible approach by calculating basic salary, discretionary incentives and benefits. We keep a check on our compensation and benefits scheme with related industries to ensure that our remuneration packages are competitive. At Uvation, all of our employees are valuable assets for us and we make efforts to provide the best compensation and benefits in the industry.


We determine Compensation by various factors such as the overall company performance, specific divisional performance and the employee's individual performance. Uvation offers the following compensations to our employees:

  • Basic salary (calculated annually)
  • Bonus at the end of year
  • Special Allowances such as business travel, lunch etc.


Benefits may include health insurance, medical facilities, accident insurance & cashless hospitalization facilities. At Uvation you can avail the following benefits.


We provides a variety of benefits that vary by region but generally include the following features:

  • Health Care Insurance and Other Benefits
  • Retirement
  • Paid Time Off
  • Other Employee Benefits