I. Engage


    Today, one of the world’s largest and most respected banking and financial services organizations serves roughly 58 million customers through their four global businesses: retail banking & wealth management, commercial banking, global banking & markets, and global private banking. The company has roughly 6,600 offices in established and emerging markets with a network that covers more than 80 countries and territories across every continent.

    I. Engage

    Growth Mindset...

    Uvation aligns with a growth mindset. We ensure our partners develop capabilities that do more than simply solve immediate problems—they create a foundation for future progress in new and existing lines of business.

    Team-Oriented Solutions...

    When it comes to new technology, our solutions are more than just investments. They are purpose-built tools that provide team members, partners, and customers with streamlined experiences and superior results.

    Workplace Computing...

    Through years of collective industry experience, we understand the computing technologies that contribute to successful internal workflows. Since we align with our partners’ long-term objectives, they can be sure their workplace computing solutions will support them with any future initiatives.

    II. Analyze


    The company approached Uvation because their customer service representatives were struggling to consolidate their customers’ financial information—such as loans, accounts, and credit cards, among others—due in part to the vast range of offerings the company provides. These complexities forced the representatives to direct single inquiries to individual departments, delaying turnaround times and hindering overall productivity at exponential rates. The customer service department’s limited visibility into customer account and financial information resulted in:

    Inefficient Workflows

    Dissatisfied Customers

    Poor Allocation of Human Resources

    Uvation’s team then integrated the results data into the CRM system for greater visibility, more accurate reporting, and accelerated response times when customer service representatives sought to consolidate customers’ financial information.

    III. Deliver


    Uvation set out to resolve the company’s data integration issues by onboarding all relevant departments to a CRM system. Starting with data mining and data aggregation, Uvation’s team then integrated the results data into the CRM system for greater visibility, more accurate reporting, and accelerated response times when requesting data. Finally, Uvation integrated a newly designed dashboard into other business workflows throughout the company to ensure each product offering was easily accessible for customer service representatives.

    uicker Response Times

    Data Integration & Visibility

    Improved Employee Experiences

    III. Deliver

    IV. Build


    Improvements to the customer service team’s capabilities are paying dividends in terms of internal usability and customer results. The easy functionality and efficiency of the CRM ensure insights are easily accessible across departmental lines. The organization’s partnership with Uvation has created a new foundation for creating happier customers and ensuring more productive teams.

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