I. Engage


    A leading global bank, also a multinational financial services company that is one of the largest in the world, has been a driving force behind business and consumer finance for several decades. The company is well-regarded for its innovative ideas and its dedication to customers. Millions of businesses and consumers now rely on this bank for advice, retail banking, and financing.

    I. Engage

    Legacy Transformation...

    Uvation works with some of the most innovative companies in the world, but we’re also committed to helping long-standing brands update their systems so they can continue to deliver excellence. Our technology experts can rapidly assess legacy systems and transform them into scalable solutions.

    Scalable Technology Projects...

    The Uvation team works with clients on a range of technology applications, from small projects to multi-year transformations. Our job isn’t completed until the client is satisfied with their new solution and can see measurable results.

    End-to-End Management...

    We work closely with our clients to ensure their projects stay on track and are managed accordingly. We’ve worked alongside brands that have significant technical knowledge, but we’re always prepared to deliver end-to-end management of an entire solution.

    II. Analyze


    The bank’s internal systems had served it well in previous years, but it was clear that the company needed an update. Its existing system didn’t provide the flexibility and availability it needed to accommodate its growing internal processes, especially compared to the cloud-based systems of its competitors. A public cloud-based system was attractive due to its versatility, but security was a top concern as the bank needed the new system to run internal processes.

    Limited Flexibility

    Unscalable Solutions

    Security Needs

    Uvation built a secure, internal private cloud across four time zones to provide the bank with high availability and efficient disaster recovery capabilities. The multi-year project involved several disciplines.

    III. Deliver


    Uvation built the company an internal private cloud that spanned four time zones. It involved several of Uvation’s teams, including project management, customer success, datacenter, infrastructure, security engineering, and system architecture. The project was completed in multiple phases over multiple years and involved the conversion of legacy systems into an upgraded technology stack that included Microsoft technologies.

    Efficient and Flexible Systems

    Optimized Uptime and Availability

    Reliable Disaster Recovery

    III. Deliver

    IV. Build


    The multinational bank moved from a cumbersome internal legacy system to an efficient, flexible, and secure private cloud system. Not only was the company able to streamline many of its internal processes, but it was also able to ensure the new system was widely available across the organization. Thanks to Uvation’s expertise in data center ops, network ops, security, and other disciplines, the company now has a reliable way to operate its internal affairs and can trust in its disaster recovery plan.

    Most global banking systems

    will recover to pre-COVID-19

    by 2023


    financial firms will exist

    by 2026

    The global financial services market will reach

    $28.5 trillion

    by 2025