Financial services organizations like insurance companies, hedge funds, FinTechs, and more handle
    sensitive data and large sums of money on behalf of their clients and customers. Hackers know that
    these organizations hold a wealth of sensitive data—including clients’ personal information, business
    data, and financial records—and they are increasingly targeting them to steal this data. To protect
    themselves and their clients from these threats, financial services firms need to partner with managed
    security services providers (MSSPs).


    MSSPs can help these organizations maintain constant protection against emerging threats and
    vulnerabilities and keep their security strategy updated.


    Sensitive Financial Data...

    Hackers and malicious cybercriminals are increasingly targeting financial services firms because they manage large transactions and sensitive data. These threats are only expected to grow in the coming years, so firms in this industry must take steps now to protect themselves and their clients.

    Increasing Threats...

    The threats against financial services firms are only expected to increase. The proliferation of cybercriminals and other malicious actors makes it imperative that financial services firms safeguard their company data and implement plans to recover quickly in the event of an inciden

    Opportunities for MSSP Partnership ...

    Managed security service providers like Uvation can provide financial services firms with a range of cybersecurity services. These include solution implementation, training, education, and ongoing monitoring and management, including updates.

    II. Analyze


    In today’s digital age, financial services firms are adopting increasingly complex technologies to serve
    their clients, including AI, IoT technologies, and a range of cloud-based applications. While this helps
    these organizations provide clients with immense value, it can also make them increasingly vulnerable to
    cyberattacks. Added complexity, and an increasing number of network endpoints, make it much more
    difficult for already-stretched internal security teams to combat cyber threats.


    Partnering with an MSSP like Uvation is now paramount to achieving a high level of security in the
    financial services industry. Uvation can conduct a full analysis of a firm’s systems to identify
    vulnerabilities, opportunities, and areas of improvement.

    Increasing technological complexity

    Expanding surfaces

    Need for comprehensive security services

    Uvation enhances financial services firms’ security posture with a robust set of services and solutions, including SOC-as-a-Service, managed security updates, and, incident response services.

    III. Deliver


    Uvation has years of experience assisting organizations in the financial services space. We use a comprehensive set of solutions and strategies, such as the Zero Trust framework, to improve firms’ security postures.


    Uvation can provide 24/7 monitoring and protection of financial services firms’ networks. We have the tools and expertise to help financial services firms to keep their security strategy up to date in the face of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. We can even work with financial services firms to create customized security solutions and training programs that meet the specific needs of the firm.

    Years of security experience

    24/7 managed security services

    Customized solutions and training

    III. Deliver

    IV. Build


    In addition to implementing security solutions, Uvation can help financial services firms build out their security programs to protect against new and evolving threats. Through intrusion detection and incident response, we can even provide services to help firms mitigate the damage from security incidents.


    Uvation is constantly monitoring the security landscape to stay educated about the latest threats and security updates. We use the latest security technologies, including AI-based security solutions and behavioral analysis programs. We’ll keep your software, networks, and security programs patched and updated, so you’ll never be caught off guard.


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