I. Engage


    Nonprofit organizations are under pressure to do more with less. In many cases, this means that technology needs to take a backseat to more pressing concerns. But nonprofit organizations have many of the same technology needs as for-profit businesses. 

    Most nonprofit organizations must manage extensive amounts of donor data and launch large digital engagement campaigns. They must be able to access computing resources from disparate locations, so they can launch strategies, accept donations, and pursue their missions even in remote locations.

    As a managed services provider (MSP), Uvation delivers data management capabilities, technology products, and consulting services to nonprofits around the world.

    I. Engage

    Data Management...

    Nonprofits must track a significant amount of data, from donor information to financial records and information about those they serve. This data needs to be well-organized and accessible so that nonprofit staff can use it effectively.

    Compliance with Regulatory Requirements ...

    Nonprofits must comply with a variety of regulations, and those regulations may differ depending on where the organization is headquartered and where it operates. This can be a challenge for organizations that don't have data management talent on-hand who are familiar with data compliance issues.

    IT Infrastructure...

    Nonprofits need reliable and secure technology infrastructure to function effectively. This includes everything from email and networking infrastructure to cloud resources, website hosting, and data storage solutions.

    II. Analyze


    Uvation’s technology experts conduct thorough analyses of nonprofits’ technology infrastructure needs before providing services. We specialize in helping foundations, social welfare organizations, charities, and others identify the best technologies to support their missions and their members. Our technology solutions span the breadth of nonprofits’ needs, from digital infrastructure to data management and digital engagement.


    Uvation can identify key solutions to improve efficiency and security. We then develop a step-by-step plan to enact your technology strategy. We’ll be with you every step of the way, measuring the results of our efforts based on your organization’s success.

    Technology infrastructure analysis

    Mission-focused consulting

    Technology action plans

    Uvation works with nonprofits to unlock efficiency and deploy new ways to deliver services. Your mission becomes our mission.

    III. Deliver


    Nonprofit organizations often have limited staff and budgets, which can make it difficult to keep up with the latest changes in technology. Uvation can help fill this gap by providing nonprofits with access to the latest tools and technologies.


    We’ll deliver systemic improvements in the form of managed services and deployable solutions, ensuring all your technology is properly managed. We can deliver services like managed security, analytics, edge computing, datacenter services, cloud services, and workforce enablement solutions, among others.


    Our goal is to ensure your staff can spend less time dealing with technical issues and more time focusing on their mission.

    Affordable technology tools

    Comprehensive managed services

    Mission-critical expertise

    III. Deliver

    IV. Build


    Nonprofits don’t operate in a vacuum. People’s needs are constantly changing, and Uvation can help you build and grow to meet them. 


    All our managed services are scalable, so we can grow with you as you expand your organization to reach communities across the world. We maintain datacenters in almost every major continent and operate with a large contingent of global technology experts. We’ll always be there for your next big journey.

    # of nonprofits view their digital capabilities as highly effective

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    # of nonprofits don’t track engagement metrics consistently


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    # of nonprofits believe technology is critical to their success


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